I saw this and wanted to know which side of the argument you fell on. I think if I'm a grandparent I've earned the right to some serious down-time. But more and more, as you know, grandparents are now in it for the long haul. The article focuses on the monetary arrangements that baby boomers are dealing with, but I think it's more than that. Since we have SO many kids raising kids, and knowing less and less about raising them---the common prevailing decisions center around kids getting dropped off at grandma/pa's place on a very regular basis.

          I think we should perhaps examine this "phenomenon" from a more cultural  perspective. Anyone who's caught a single episode of MTV's "Teen Moms" can see this all too frequently. The grandparents are literally DRAFTED into the complete care and raising of their daughter's children. The daughter are typically impatient with their mom's playing such a high profile role, and then wanting to have a say about it, and then we have all the wonderful crisis moments centered around ungratefulness and name-calling. It's not a pretty sight. Grandparents deserve so much more.



Alonzo LaMont


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