CommComm posted on April 20, 2012 23:26

Just thought I'd review some stories you may have overlooked....

1) Those way-too-hip-for-their-own-good Google glasses made some major yakkety-yak. Either ya love 'em or ya hate 'em. Think how nifty they'd look when you're sitting in Starbucks and somebody's cyber mouth is running non-stop. (Oh, you say you hate those kinda people).

2) Getting more women involved in math and science is now an educational priority.

3) The NY Times chimes in on journal retraction.

4) Caine's Arcade makes you realize all kids aren't like the ones we know. (D'uh, of course I'm kidding)

5) And the Trinity Repertory Theater Co. explores malpractice & forgiveness. 


Alonzo LaMont


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