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          I managed to catch some hard-working little Welch Elves in preparation for our Christmas party. They thought they could slip away unnoticed, but they couldn't escape the glare of the library paparazzi (me---Alonzo). And just who are these busy Helpers......



          Christopher Henry revs up the keyboard. Chris is an established musician who knows music and movies like you wouldn't believe. As I caught his picture I overheard him say he was "gonna tear the roof off this sucka". Honest.





          Martha Traub and Lavinia Wiggs stand guard over the incoming goodies. Martha has a blackbelt in food protection and Lavinia helped the Lucky Charms Leprachaun get into a Witness Protection Program.


          Diane McLaughlin was giving me the "we're not ready" look. Diane looks all warm and fuzzy but rumor has it she taught the GEICO gekko the ancient Art of Himalayan "Bazutto" which is Himakayan mind-control. She also does this for all the FORBES Top 100 Executives.


          Marie Esch is an international cake/pie thief. She does it in stages. Usually the cake/pie crust goes first, and then the filling. She has her reasons for not stealing the whole cake/pie, but as yet no one's asked her what they are. Usually, she just gives a wave and like Keyser Soze from "The Usual Suspects"----she's gone. In the background is Kim Thornton who's impersonating Kim Thornton who works at the Welch Library. Kim's impersonation is so down-pat that you never know which Kim is Kim. Don't believe me? Next time you see her yell, "Kim". Bet she responds. 


          Many other folks helped make our party a wonderful event, but I wanted to catch a few people who helped set things up, since we often take all their good party deeds for granted. Apologies to the others I didn't catch. And, there is no such thing as "Bazutto".


Alonzo LaMont

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