CommComm posted on August 29, 2012 19:32

Fall is upon us, and Welch hits the Campus Road for a series of Student Orientations. Here's Rob Wright, Basic Science & Public Health Informationist, being a rock star down in Turner Auditorium. He downplays it, but this time of year all the Informationists ARE rock stars---and why you ask? Because everyone needs that start-of-school INFORMATION. All questions great and small come their way. It's a joy to behold. So here's Rob chitting the chat, bringing calm to the chaos....

Feel free to insert your own witty anecdotes to these, I added my own just for good measure. And thanks to all the students who allowed me to snap a pic.

"No I didn't invent TIme, but if you go to the Welch Website I can show you how to request a few books on clocks..."





Rob reflects. Much like Bon Jovi, he too goes to "a quiet place".




If you're reading this today (8/29/12) tomorrow Stella Seal (another rock star) and yours truly Alonzo will be over at the School of Nursing from 3:00pm - 5:00pm doing much the same. Stop by and say Hi, we're giving out a few Welch bags----gettum while they're hot!

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