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Again, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Welch Photo Contest. We had some very passionate picture-takers, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience. I was quite touched by the response and the genuine enthusiasm folks expressed over their pictures. Here's a look-see at the runners-uppers photos, along with our winning snapshot.

Jacqueline Woodruff's "Reflection" and "Sunmaid Girls" cast a wonderful spell over us, and after meeting Jacqueline it's no wonder. She lives an adventuresome life that goes between her home in Florida and working full-time in Mt. Washington, and getting out and about taking pictures everywhere (she sent me one when she was out at Conowingo Dam). Jacqueline is an avid photographer, and is preparing to take a "serious" (this ain't no point n' click seminar) class in photography. In the short time we met, I discovered she loves country music (just came back from a Carrie Underwood soirree), traveling and Alonzo's personal favorite----bicycling! How bout that.  


Shelly Choo's "Most Exotic Locale" made everyone give a collective "awwwwwwwww"......and her "Happiest Shot" made me want to get out and jump into that sun-kissed early morning water. Well somebody had all that sunrise to themselves.  


Quynh Tran was a pure hoot with her "Best Shameless Self-Promotion," especially considering she was a bit shy about letting me take her picture for the blog. She didn't agree to have it taken, but we both laughed about it----that's how it goes. Her "Best Inside Welch" shot made a typical Welch carrel look like some digital hobbit's playground....


Thomas Hartung's "Best Baltimore" shot resembled an overdose in german expressionism (please don't ask how little---I mean how MUCH I know about german expressionism)....

And his "Best Inclusion of an Animal (in a humane manner)" ---titled "If I was real, this would taste sooooooo good"  was a riot. Thomas, an opening act in Vegas has your name on it.



 Teraneh Zarififar's "Most Extreme" shot looked like somebody was doing stunt work in Hollywood...



 And her "Best Laptop shot" had a mouthful of preciousness...till you realized she was playing some kinda video game---hey, who needs a cure for the common cold, I've got 15,000 points! Just kidding Teraneh, I know you and Dashil Jhaveri are hard at work in the lab. (They must be to get to travel so much, I think I'll contact them instead of tripadvisor)

Dashil's "Highest Elevation" and "Furthest Away" shots contrasted quite nicely with his other I'm-having-the-time-of-my-life contributions.


I don't know if anyone could have more fun taking pictures than Teraneh and Dashil. And it showed.

And here's Emilee Flynn's "Most Creative shot" ("Walk like an Egyptian") that ran off with the backpack and goodies.


I want to thank all our judges, for their patience. Also, let's give a great big hand to Victoria Goode who helped steer the Photo Contest ship, and threw in some extra special Informationist wisdom just for good measure. And finally to Nancy Roderer, who allowed us to have a little fun and go a little off-course from our daily routines here at Welch. 

Alonzo LaMont 



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