Our January Podcast is up and ready for a listen. We missed December altogether, but as they say----absence makes the heart grow fonder. My guest is Sue Woodson,  head of Digital Library Services at Welch and as always Victoria Goode, Clinical Informationist, is my trusty co-host. The chat timeline gives you a roadmap.


0:00-1:35 :: Introductions! Everyone enjoys a round of "friendly". We have a new space AND a producer, Dominic Delauney. Dominic is an Audio Production Coordinator at the School of Public Health.  

1:35 :: Sue talks about the state of the Welch collection, especially in terms of how the library budget is utilized, and how journals are purchased. Also, we discuss how academic libraries (in general) struggle with so many diverse needs and Sue gives us some (sordid--juicy--and gossipy) insight into the relationship between all those sweet, lovable academic (think biblical, David) libraries vs. those behemoth, meglomaniacal (think biblical, Goliath) publishers. It's a battle royale, ladies and gents.

10:25 :: We speak a bit about the current and future status of e-textbooks, along with the traditional publisher's role and we hit on how this developing story touches on the wide-ranging tentacles of the Open Access movement.

19:00 - 25:00 :: Victoria and I once again prowl through some tidbits about Welch classes and the status of the new website. 


Below----Sue, Victoria and Alonzo settle into our new digs. No we're not blinded by the light. But did we have the good sense to move the mike out of Sue's face? The proof's in the puddin.  


 Below----little angelic angels about to make with some snappy repartee....


We'll be back next month. With a surprise guest!

Alonzo LaMont


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