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Recently the Welch library welcomed several new Informationists, and I’ll start with Jaime Blanck. Jaime hails from the University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library where she spent the last 5 years serving as a Liaison to the School of Medicine. So we know she had her hands full being responsible to the entire School of Med. community (researchers, students, doctors, staff, it took about an hour for her to list everyone she interacted with). One busy bee, I’d say.

Jaime has her own original tale to tell. She and her hubby have lived in a variety of places, starting out her love-of-libraries as a volunteer at the Oregon Historical Society. When asked “why libraries?” she said that their gravitational pull came from being in a place where "you had access to so much information, so much of everything you could think of about the world." And here I thought they were just quiet places to browse. My next question was “why Welch?” Jaime was attracted to our new service model, and the opportunity to develop closer relationships to researchers, students, doctors, staff----you see, at the UM Health Sciences Library, she had neither the time nor the opportunity for any of this to happen. Jaime was born in Ohio, just outside of Columbus, and her interests are 1, traveling and 2) spending time with friends. Her interest in medical libraries was sparked in graduate school by Ellen Detlefsen, an Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Ellen also taught Christina Wissinger and Victoria Goode. Seems Welch has a pipeline in the ‘burgh.

Jamie has extensive experience teaching a variety of library classes, and is itching to jump into the deep end of the Informationist pool here at Hopkins. So if you happen to see her around the way, pass along a little welcome.


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