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Hello There,


Welcome to the Welch Library Blog. This is our first voyage, and though our destination is not etched in stone, we're hoping the voyage takes us to lands, people and places both near and far.

"Why Blog?"

I won't give you all the acceptable logic. There's a language and rationale that states all the correct protocol for blogging. Let's call it Networking. Staying in touch. Linking up. Connecting. You know the terrain. Sure-Sure, maybe all those factor into the equation. As a medical library we're all about the 360 degrees of communication. But there's another word that comes to mind, and for me that word is Spirit. When all's said and done, whether we're a physical library, a virtual library, a library without walls---what I think holds us together is the Spirit we bring to what we do. A library is more than people rendering and performing services. It's also more than the daily come-and-go of books, more than information retrieval, more than systematic reviews masquerading as literature searches. It's the Spirit  within. The stories between. The daily back and forth. Patron comments. Staff comments. It's the Ravens going down in flames. It's how hard you laughed on the elevator. It's the surprise acknowledgement. The unexpected comment. The dummy who stormed away. The smiling face who showed up. It's another way to sit around the table. I see the library blog as the native drum. A little contemporary tom-tom. That drum doesn't have to relay intelligent facts or minute-to-minute information. It's also the drum for fun, for casual whatnot, and ultimately for sharing what life has to offer. Maybe that's grandiose. So call me grandiose. Just know that if you decide to pay us a visit, bring what you have. We love the information, the factoids, the medical alphabet soup that changes as we speak. But also, sit down at the table and share a recipe, take us to the event, show us a picture, talk books, ideas, things that feel special enough to share. We're starting with blank pages, so let's break out the crayolas.

Alonzo LaMont

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