Lately, so many people have inquired about the status of the Welch Library. I happened to be with a few Informationists the other day at the School of Public Health. We were asked about our status so many times, over and over, I thought I should give you the real story. So here goes.

Not too long ago, an asteroid hit the earth and destroyed the Welch Library.

Strengely, the rest of the world remained unharmed. 


But sadly, many of our staff were kidnapped by aliens.

It's not a pretty story. But there it is. Building gone. Staff gone. Yet, our patrons wanted answers. How would they get remote access? What about electronic journal and database access----"How could the Welch Library do this?! "We pay too much money to come to Hopkins JUST TO FIND OUT the building is gone and the staff's been abducted by aliens?! It's not fair?!"

Ahhhhhh. But there is a happier version to our tale of woe. IT NEVER HAPPENED! We're still right here. Still delivering the goods! Folks seem to miss us, but we haven't even been nowhere. How great is that. We've got the glow of Love. Want proof?

Here we are at the School of Public Health Student Activities Fair, July 5th.

Donna Hesson (left), Peggy Gross, newbie Rob Wright and a table ful of give-away swag. We've even got a bowl fulla little sweeties! (No matter what we put out PENCILS are always the star). Notice those SNAZZY Welch Blue Bags.


Here's Donna explaining that "yes they're free" --- But, Mr. Student says "they look too pretty to be free".


"Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, they're free alright"


And just like that everyone wanted one. But they didn't just want a bag or some candy or a T-shirt. They wanted to ask questions, chat about where they could find stuff, who could they talk to, what's the right database, how to negotiate campus. And as the saying goes, "if you've got questions? We've got answers"

And pretty soon everyone was stopping by. People seemed so pleased to see us. We told them we'd been there all along.

And now they're just showing off. Was it hard to get a picture from anyone? No. Everyone was gung-ho. We didn't have to ask anyone twice, that's for sure.

And pretty soon everyone was walking around with our bags. Like it was nuthin.


And of course, as is always the case---in a room full of medical students with serious questions----Alonzo finds the avid bicyclist to talk riding. I may seem like I'm making intelligent conversation, but we're just comparing riding (war) stories from her hometown (Houston) and mine (B'More).

Now if you missed us at the SPH, don't worry. We show up at different places around campus. And if you want to see us and don't think we know about your event, give us a ring.

We may not always have a T-shirt, or a spankin new Welch bag to throw your way, but we always bring service (and pencils).




Alonzo LaMont

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