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          I thought a little levity should be added to the forthcoming changes to the Welch Library, and this cartoon provides more than a little.

          I'm also offering up this blog post on Librarians on top of their game. The author frecognizes the challenges that libraries and librarians have in front of them, but comes away impressed that not only are these challenges met, but librarians are facing front and center the difficulties that the digital age imposes on traditional librarianship. This paragraph offers a sobering, but optimistic dose of reality.

           "...librarians also know that the traditional handicraft tasks of the library require constant and continuous modification to match advances in computing power and tools. They also know that for all the versatility of technology, it does not necessarily adapt to the purposes of scholarship without intervention applied by librarians and others. They struggle with new methodologies, trying them out in difficult university contexts and reporting on their successes and failures to their colleagues to inform the development of what will surely become standardized tools for the management of information."


Alonzo LaMont


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